Designing the Future Classroom

audio visual integration

 A/V integration is the art of synchronizing all devices and technical elements, developing a system that works seamlessly.  DAT employs a project management team that is detail oriented, ensuring successful integration of even the most complicated systems. We also have a clear understanding of how classroom technology functions and how it impacts its users.

With the ability to control devices with a single interface, teachers can focus on teaching and i.t. can rest easy. 

We are a licensed electrical contractor with a master electrician on staff.  We are also up to date with all code compliance.


The design of a structured cabling system establishes the quality of communication, flow of information, sharing of resources, and the overall function of technology operations within an institution. It is imperative that such a system is developed with consideration of the current infrastructure and the rapid growth of telecommunications. DAT has the knowledge and experience to plan for such considerations. Our goal is to install systems that meet the longevity needs of your institution.

Structured cabling